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Wireless Products
We carry great wireless products for your home and car including FM Transmitters, Wireless Phone Jacks, and Wireless Ethernet Connections

Hot Wireless
MP3 Player Sunglasses the Beachcomber
MP3 Sunglasses are FUN! FUN! FUN! This 256MB MP3 Player is perfect for any and all outdoor activity!
$ 99.95
Soundfeeder FM Transmitter for Digital Music Players
Wirelessly streams music from your computer or digital player to stereo FM
$ 19.95
FM Transmitter/Power Adapter for Your Car
Play and power your audio player directly through your existing car stereo system
$ 29.95
2.4GHz Wireless Stereo Audio and Color Video Transmitter System
Compatible with all TV sets - Penetrates walls and ceilings - Reception up to 100' away - Clearence Price!
$ 69.95
WavecomPro 3260 2.4GHz Wireless A/V Sender with Built-in I/R Remote Extender
Send signal up to 400 feet! Works with cameras, TV, or anything with standard A/V jacks
$ 84.99
Wireless Phone Jack for Voice and Data
This is the one you want! It's phone/fax/modem capable and allows caller ID and call waiting. Perfect for all computers and laptops, fax machines, phones, satellite receivers, Tivo and all online service providers
$ 59.95
UNIDEN - Waterproof Cordless Phone
Perfect for the pool - FLOATING HANDSET is completely submersible!
$ 59.95
18 Volt Cordless Drill

18v 3/8" Cordless Drill W/Battery

This $ 39.95