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WavecomPro 3260 2.4GHz Wireless A/V Sender with Built-in I/R Remote Extender

 $99.99  Christmas Special - Save $15 - Now Just $84.99!


\Wirelessly send vivid video UP TO $))ft! Includes Built in Remote Extender and hi-fi stereo sound from a camera, VCR, TV, LD, DVD, VCD, Satellite Receiver or cable set top box to any TV or monitor. It can also be used in conjunction with a camcorder or CCD camera for a wireless security monitoring system.

The Wireless Audio Video Transmitter sends a signal up to 400 feet clear light-of-sight, and even penetrates walls. Includes built-in IR remote extender, allowing the user to remotely control the audio/video sources in the other rooms. Four user selectable channels allow multiple transmitters to multiple receivers operating in the same area.


  • 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter and receiver with 4 selectable channels.
  • Transmitting and receiving of crisp video and hi-fi stereo even through walls.
  • Long transmission range up to 400 feet clear line-of-sight.NTSC/PAL video format available
  • Built-in IR remote extender for extending control range of IR remotes up to 100 feet even through walls


  • Simultaneous viewing of video programs on a 2nd TV/monitor without wires.
  • Wireless transmission of hi-fi stereo to any active speaker.
  • Remotes monitoring of live video from a camcorder or CCD camera.
  • Local area broadcasting of audio/video programs for multiple viewers

Now just - $84.99 and remember, $4.99 ships your entire order!

Tech Specs

Operation Frequency Range..... 2400~2483MHz
Channel Selection @ @ @ ..... PLL Synthesizer 4CH
Channel Carrier Frequency..... CH1:2414MHz , CH2:2432MHz
CH3:2450MHz , CH4:2468MHz
Video/Audio Mod/Demod. Type..... FM-FM
Antenna Type..... Omni-directional Dipole
Supply Voltage..... DC +9V / 300mA Adapter
DC IN Jack..... 4.75mm
Power On Indicator ..... LED, Red
Channel Selector..... Slide Switch
Built-In IR Remote Extender..... Yes
IR Operating Frequency ..... Band 1 433.995MHz
Band 2 433.845MHz
IR Extender Mod./Demod. Type..... ASK
Supply Current ..... 170mA 15mA
Input Port ..... RCA cable
put Power...... 10mW(R&TTE)
Video Input..... 1VP-P @ 75, Typ.
Video Carrier Frequency Accuracy..... 100KHz
Audio Input .....3VP-P @10K, max
Audio Subcarrier Frequency Accuracy..... 50KHz
Audio Subcarrier Power Level ...... -25dBc
IR Extender Re
Receiving Sensitivity ..... -95dBm
Lo Frequency Accuracy..... 50KHz
IR Carrier Frequency..... 36KHz 2KHz
IR LED Operation Range..... 4~5 Meters
IR LED Half Angle..... 45∘Horizontal
External IR LED Port..... 2.4mm Mono Phone Jack

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