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Wireless Phone Jack for Voice and Data

Wireless Phone Jack for Voice and Data - This is the one you want!

Compare to other brands that cost more and don't offer:    
     Modem/fax capable
     Allows caller ID and call waiting
     Up to 12 extensions

This Wireless Jack is designed to turn any electrical outlet into a phone jack that can be used to connect computer modems, video set-top-boxes, Internet appliances, fax machines, and other data oriented devices to the phone line - allowing you the freedom to add a phone jack anywhere your computing needs takes you, in less than five minutes.

Wireless Phone Jack for Voice and Data is relocatable, recoverable and reusable. New frequencies and a transmitter shut-off feature also reduce the chance of interference. The security-coding feature enables quick and easy installation in any residence including multiple dwelling units (MDUs), without fear of user conflict.

  • Compatible with up to 56k/v.90 modems
  • Perfect for all computers and laptops, fax machines, phones, satellite receivers, Tivo and all online service providers
  • Create a phone jack from any electrical outlet
  • Allows caller ID and call waiting
  • Works with up to 12 extra extensions
  • Includes 1 base, 1 extension and 6' phone cord
  • Get it now for just $59.95! And remember - $4.99 ships your entire order, no matter how big

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