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Soundfeeder FM Transmitter for Digital Music Players
FM Transmitter for digital music players

ARKON - Computer Music FM Transmitter SF150C

Sound Feeder is the multi-purpose, "take-me-anywhere" stereo music FM transmitter for use with digital audio equipment.

Use Sound Feeder to transmit music from a portable compact disc player, MP3, PDA, MD player, or any other digital audio music player to a carís FM radio speaker system. In fact, Sound Feeder is the leading alternative to the cassette-shell type CD Adapter, which does not work well with many types of car music systems.

With the included USB cord, Sound Feeder can also transmit music files from a personal computer to nearby FM stereo speakers, eliminating the need to buy large amplified speakers for the computer. Use Sound Feeder wherever enhanced stereo sound is desired and a wire connection is not convenient.

Simply plug Sound Feeder into the line out or headphone jack of your audio equipment and you can transmit high quality stereo sound to any close by FM radio receiver.

  • Hear music from MP3 player, CD player, PDA or laptop wirelessly through your car's FM radio
  • Utilize USB port for power with no auto shutoff feature
  • Includes USB cable
  • Now Just $19.95!

And remember - $4.99 ships your entire order, no matter how big!

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