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GT Xpress 101 - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!
GT Express 101

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GT Express 101 - You'll get 4 FREE Gifts with each set:
Pocket Maker, Flavor Injector, Spatula & Recipe Book

  • Makes hundreds of scrumptious meals, many in less than 7 minutes
  • No turning your food or slaving over a hot stove
  • Delicious low carb food in less time
  • Non-stick surface means no extra fat Built in cord and compact design makes for easy storage
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  • GT Express101
  • Cooks delicious healthy quick meals
  • No turning your food or slaving over a hot stove
  • Non-stick surface means no extra fat so you loose weight easier
  • Built-in cord wrap and compact design make for easy storage
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – or your money back
  • Makes the perfect gift for busy moms
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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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    “This unique countertop appliance took me over 5 years to develop because I wanted to build in all of the features and benefits you need in the kitchen today.

    I know you will enjoy this product as much as I do because it is so easy to use, so versatile and so fast! Even with today’s busy lifestyle, you will be able to provide homemade goodness for yourself and your family.”

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