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Sonic Blade!

Sonic Blade - Buy One Get One FREE + All the Bonuses!
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Sonic Blade

Now you can cut, chop, slice, dice, cube and mince all of your meats, fruits vegetables and even frozen foods quickly and effortlessly, thanks to the Sonic Blade. For only 3 easy payments of just $33.33 and $19.74 shipping and handling, the Sonic Blade can change the way you cook forever.

Plus as mentioned in the show we’ll give you John Paul’s “Cut Like a Pro” and Rebecca’s “Fast and Fancy Cooking” books, a Sonic Food Holder and a garlic peeler for each Sonic Blade absolutely FREE! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, simply send the Sonic Blades back for a full refund of the product price, no questions asked.

Just 3 Payment of $33.33

Every Sonic Blade comes with 2 sets of blades, a 5-in-1 blade set and the micro slicer setblade. And today, with each Sonic Blade you order, you’ll receive a second bonus Sonic Blade FREE! Just pay $12.95 to cover the shipping and handling for the free one.

Just 3 Easy Payments of
$33.33 or
1 Payment of $99.99!

Order Sonic Blade Now!

Upgrade Kit Offer

DELUXE UPGRADE KIT - As part of an unadvertised special, we are offering a deluxe upgrade kit that includes one set of professional quality stainless steel blades and an extra long life battery. For just $19.95 and no additional shipping and handling you can get a set of professional quality stainless steel blades made by Henrik.

These high quality Henrik stainless steel blades never need sharpening and have a lifetime replacement warranty. The deluxe long life battery has 50% more cutting power and lasts twice as long as the standard battery. This deluxe upgrade kit will be especially useful during holidays and get-togethers. And as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Order Sonic Blade Now!

Warranty Your Sonic Blade

WARRANTY - And to protect your investment we recommend upgrading your 1-year warranty to our exclusive 4-year extended warranty for just $9.95. With this extended warranty, if anything fails on either of your Sonic Blades, simply send it back and we’ll replace it free of charge. It’s just that easy. Take advantage of our extended warranty and protect both of your Sonic Blades for a full 4 years!

Here's What You Get FREE with Sonic Blade Here's What You Get FREE with Sonic Blade