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Tobi Steamer Tobi Steamer - The World's First Professional Upright & Portable Wrinkle Removing Machine

Product includes: Tobi complete with shoulder strap; 2 bonus attachments FREE - upholstery attachment; lint/pet hair attachment, FREE Tobi travel bag and Instruction booklet.
4 payments of $29.95

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Here's What You Get When You Order Tobi Steamer
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Additional Tobi™ - For a limited time you can also purchase up to 3 additional Tobi’s for yourself, or anyone else you know, and you will receive FREE shipping and processing on your additional units! Remember that you cannot buy Tobi™ in any store, so take just a moment and think where another Tobi™ would be useful. Each Tobi has a value of over $300, but you can have additional quantities today at the already low price of just 4 payments of $29.95, and shipping and processing is FREE!
Non Slip Handles See Video!
10 PACK OF NON SLIP HANGERS - We also have a special on the Tobi non-slip, soft, velvet hangers as seen in the TV commercial. The velvet helps the clothes stay on the hanger when you are using the Tobi and because they are slim they take up barely any space in your closet. You can get ten Tobi hangers – five closed hangers, great for suits and pants and five open hangers for shirts, tops and blouses for a limited time only for just $9.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling.

Tobi Tree Order Now
As you saw on the TV commercial your order comes with the Tobi Tree FREE, so you can get those big jobs done even faster, all we ask is that you pay the shipping and handling of $19.99.

EXTENDED WARRANTY - We can also offer you our three year extended warranty. If for any reason your Tobi fails to function during the three year warranty period, you are completely covered for all parts and labor or the replacement of the unit. You can add this to your order for only $24.95 with no additional shipping and handling charges.

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