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(5) Energizer 386 (SR43SW and SR43W) 1.55v Silver Oxide Battery
$4.99 ships your entire order - Shipping Outside USA Just $9.99!

Maxell 386 (SR43W) 386, SR43SW, SR43, V386, D386, V12GA, L1142, AG12, 386 RW 44, SR 43 W, G12, & G12A

Strip of 5 for $5.00!

When you want to be sure, get Maxell Silver Oxide Better than the rest for:
Insulin Pumps
Medical Devices
High Drain Toys

Now Just $5.00 for a carded strip of 5 - and remember - $4.99 ships your entire order, no matter how big

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(5) Energizer 357 (SR44W) 1.55v Silver Oxide Battery
This is the high drain battery you want - by Energizer. Silver Oxide to last much longer than alkaline
$ 6.00
(5) Energizer 371 (SR920SW) 1.55v Silver Oxide Battery
Replaces D371, SP371, V3791, GP71, SR920SW, SR/TR920SW, S18, and 605
$ 5.00
(5) Energizer 379 (SR521SW) 1.55v Silver Oxide Battery
Replaces D379, SP379, V379 , SR521SW, SR/TR521SW, S56, and 618
$ 5.00
(5) Energizer 392 (SR41W) 1.55v Silver Oxide Battery
Silver Oxide for longer life - Carded Strip of 5 for just $4.99
$ 4.99