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The Wave - By The Firm®
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Girl using the Wave by the Firm

The WAVE is a revolutionary personal gym that combines cardio and strength training in Speed Slimming Intervals so you can blast off the pounds and chisel a leaner, shapelier, sexier body in record time.                         
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The WAVE offers you:

  • · Over 100 total body sculpting & toning exercises included on ALL-NEW 4 DVD's!
  • · Supercharged calorie burning every time you step, walk or rock on the WAVE
  • · Flat abs through constant core muscle engagement
  • · 24/7 fat burning through Speed Slimming intervals combining cardio and strength training
  • · Double-sided breakthrough design allows stepping and rocking exercises with one rugged, compact design
  • · Strength, Toning and Slimming for your entire body
  • · Order the WAVE now and receive free upgrade to EXPRESS SHIPPING. Rock the WAVE in just 7-10 business days!
  • · INCLUDES: the WAVE personal gym, ALL-NEW DVDs, success guide, FREE 30 day VIP web club membership, and MORE including FREE BONUSES.

Here’s What Else You Get!
The Wave Ride the Wave DVD

Ride The WAVE - Ride the WAVE packs in everything you need to know to gain maximum results with the WAVE. In this easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction, you'll learn proper exercise techniques while getting a great workout. Just 3 simple WAVE Stances and 3 simple WAVE Moves is all you need to Ride the WAVE to success!
Approx. 10 minutes

Speed and Sculpt

Speed Slimming Sculpt is The FIRM's most targeted, super sculpting workout that gives you the trim, toned and tight body you've always wanted. By building lean muscle, you rev up your metabolism and burn more fat and calories during and after your workout... thanks to something called after burn. So you slim down around the clock!
Approx. 30 minutes

Rock it Off

Rock it Off is the ultimate high-energy, total body firming and fat-burning cardio and strength interval workout designed to work every inch of your body and maximize your post-workout calories. In quick Speed Slimming intervals, Rock it Off gives you one-stop, full-body, calorie-blasting exercises that hit every aspect of your body's conditioning needs.
Approx. 40 minutes

The Wave Mat

The WAVE Mat - For added stability the WAVE comes with the exclusive WAVE mat, a comfortable and practical addition to your Speed Slimming System.

With its sticky non-slip and soft surface, it's used underneath the WAVE for maximum stability and protection

A $300 Value for Only 3 Payments of $29.95
Or 1 Payment of $89.85

The WAVE System includes everything you need to get your entire body fit, fast!

The Wave The WAVE - The FIRM has taken its proven training methodology to a whole new level with the WAVE. The anchored side of the WAVE is the perfect height to tighten and tone your hips, thighs and butt. Plus, you can use this "step" side of the wave for cardio sequences that maximize calorie burning with minimum impact.

A $300 Value for Only 3 Payments of $29.95
Or 1 Payment of $89.85

Check Out These FREE Bonuses!
World at War 11 CD Set 30 Day FREE VIP Access to the FIRM Believers Club - Learn about the secret to REAL success and become a member in the FIRM Believers Club - we give you the first 30 days absolutely free*. The FIRM Believers Club offers daily online coaching and motivation, meal plans and more workout rotational calendars as well as live auditoriums with fellow FIRM Believers and your favorite Master Instructors. Don't miss your chance to maximize your success: studies have shown that people with online support such as the FIRM Believers Club lose more than twice as much weight than without any support. So make sure you become a Believer and with our 30 day free access it could not be any easier.

Free Bonus DVD Express Abs - With Express Abs, you'll improve your core strength, balance and posture in a focused workout with cutting edge abdominal and lower back exercises. In this innovative new workout, you'll use the WAVE to get your stomach flat, toned and swimsuit ready-fast! In just ten minutes, Emily will take you through a series of six-pack defining exercises to get to the core of your abdominal strength, while you chisel your middle and trim your waistline like never before. Approx 10 minutes.

The Wave Bonus Wall Chart Express Abs - 3 Stances and 3 moves is all you need as a basis to rock the WAVE with over 100 exercises. The Learn the Moves Wall-Chart shows detailed step-by-step illustrations of each stance and move with an emphasis on correct form and the DO's and DON'Ts of Riding the WAVE to success!

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