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(5) SR621Sw 1.55v Silver Oxide Watch Battery
$4.99 ships your entire order - Shipping Outside USA Just $9.99!

Panasonic SR621SW Silver Oxide Batteries - 5 for $2.99! Also called SP364, 364/31, 364 RW 320, 364, and SR 60 - we've seen these as high as $3.00 each - Don't pay that! These lithium dynamo's are fresh from Panasonic, a name you know and trust.

Used in watches, toys, dog collars, and hundreds of other products. We've got the batteries you need at great internet prices.

And remember - $4.99 ships your entire order - no matter how big!

Get the Alkaline Equivalent to SR621SW - AG1, 10 to a card for $1.49!  Click Here

Click Here to see our complete line of batteries
We also offer these popular watch/toy batteries
(5) Panasonic CR 2450 3 volt Lithium Cell Battery
Get them here at a great internet price - 5 pack for just $4.00!
$ 5.99
(50) Maxell LR44 1.5v Alkaline Battery
50 of them for $10.95! Used in laser pointers, watches, calculators, and 100's of other electronic products.
$ 10.95
(5) Maxell SR 626 SW 1.55v Watch Battery
5 for $2.99 - Comes five on a carded strip - in stock and ready to ship!
$ 2.99
(10) Maxell LR41 1.5v Alkaline Batteries
Get these watch/toy batteries at an internet price - 10 for $1.99
$ 2.99