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Slim In 6 by BeachBody
Slim In 6

While many workouts will help you lose fat and get fit, Slim in 6® also promises to reshape your body using the breakthrough science of Slim Training®.

We include all the information you need to get results; easy-to-follow movements, simple diet guidelines, and recommendations for our natural supplements (with no jittery side effects), all designed for people who want a solid solution for real weight loss and body slimming.

Available in DVD and VHS for Just 3 Payments of $19.95
Slim in 6

Slim Training® works the major muscle groups with light resistance for 6 weeks with an emphasis on the thighs and butt so you see the most dramatic reduction in the areas that often get bulky.

By incorporating
Slim Training with our step-by-step diet guideline, Slim in 6 is proven to dramatically change the way you look and feel.

Set a weight loss goal for yourself. Try the program for the full six weeks. If you don't reach your goal, return it for a refund, no questions asked.

Slim in 6

Afraid You'll Quit Halfway Through?

We won't let you quit without a fight Our peer support is revolutionary, with free message boards, access to coaches, and even Debbie Seibers in scheduled chats.

Bottom line: This program is for real. No gimmick here the results are real because the workouts are real. If you want it, we'll give you the support so you get it. Let's get you started.

Get Slim in 6 in 2005! with
Just 3 Payments of $19.95!

Slim in 6

Ivette R... When I started Slim in 6, my weight was 151 lbs. ...Now I am a size "0". I could not believe I would ever reach that size, feel great and have ripped muscles all over...

Now Just 3 Payments of $19.95!

Slim in 6

Curtis B... Slim in 6 is great. It's the best informative and instructional video produced on the market today. I've tried other workout videos and they never really held my attention like Slim in 6...

Get Slim in 6 in 2005! with

Slim In 6® is based on the science of Slim Training ® to quickly reduce size and slim your entire body. You just just make simple changes to the way you eat using our diet guide plus workout once a day for six short weeks. Follow the program and you can lose:
  20 pounds of fat
      Seven inches from your hips and waist
      And up to Ten Inches from your thighs.

Slim in 6 Makes it Simple to Suceed, Including:

J Slim in 6 Phase 1 Video: Start it Up!
J Slim in 6 Phase 2 Video: Ramp it Up!
J Slim in 6 Phase 3 Video: Burn it Up!
J 6-Day Express Diet Plan
J Easy-to-follow Nutrition Guide
J Debbie's Ab Routine: Slim & 6-Pack
J Debbie's Flexibility Routine: Slim & Limber
J Simple Steps to Success Journal
J "Fast Start" Guide

Just 3 Payments of $19.95 plus S/H

Get Slim in 6 in 2005! with