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GE Sanyo 2CR-5 6 Volt Lithium Battery 2CR5
$4.99 ships your entire order - Shipping Outside USA Just $9.99!


This Lithium powerhouse is designed for the New Generation of Compact Cameras. The 2CR5 offers exceptionally high discharge capabilities for camera strobe, minimal weight and size, and superior performance in extreme temperatures.

In addition to providing sustained, reliable power to cameras, they recharge the flash much faster than alkalines.

Get them for $3.75 each - no limit!

And remember - $4.99 ships your entire order, no matter how big

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We also carry these popular photo batteries
Ge Sanyo CR2 Lithium Battery
Ge Sanyo CR2 Lithium Battery - for your digital camera - $2.50 each - no limit!
$ 2.50
GE Sanyo CRV3 3 volt Lithium Battery
CRV3 Battery used in Digital Photography. We have them for $6.99 each no limit!
$ 5.99
CR123A 3 Volt Lithium Photo Battery
Made by GE-Sanyo (Eveready & Duracell equiv: EL123A & DL123A) 1400 mAh lasts 4 times longer than alkaline batteries!

Get them here for
$2.35 a piece, NO LIMIT!

$ 2.35
Duracell DL223A 6 volt Lithium Battery CR-P2 and EL223A Equivalent
We are overstocked on this power house battery and pricing to sell quick!
$ 4.49