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XENO 3.6v Lithium C Battery LS 26500

Xeno 3.6v Lithium C Battery LS 26500 - $14.99 each - The lowest price we've seen ANYWHERE! And remember, $4.99 ships your entire order

Same As: LS26500,LS26500C,TL-4920,TL-5920,TL-2200,SB-C01,SB-C02,SL-770,XL-140F,XL-145F

Main applications
_ Utility metering
Automatic meter readers
Measuring equipment
Industrial applications
_ Professional electronics

BATTERY CHARACTERISTICS LS 26500 3.6v Lithium C Battery
Open Circuit Voltage - 3.67 V
Nominal Voltage - 3.6 V
Nominal capacity - (drain) 7.7 Ah (5 mA)
Max. recom. cont. current - 150 mA
Operating temp. range - (-)60/+85C*
Outside diameter max - 26.0 mm
Length max - 49.1 to 50.4 mm**
Weight - 48 g
Transport - Non restricted

Operating voltage > 3 Volt
Unrivaled nominal capacities (LS, LST)
Ability to operate from -60 to +85C
Non-flammable electrolyte
Cells non-pressurized at room temperature
Hermeticity guaranteed up to 110C

"C" cell versions yield longer service lives at low currents and higher transient minimum voltage during pulsing at T not exceeding 40C

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