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PediPaws - Pet Nail Trimmer - Trim Your Pet Paws

Includes FREE BONUS - The Shed Ender!

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PediPaws™ is the revolutionary nail trimmer for your dog or cat. It’s the newest, fastest and easiest way to keep your pet’s nails trim rounded and smooth with no mess!

Now you can trim your pet’s nails anywhere without the pain caused by traditional nail clippers.

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Our Price: $19.99!

Cat Genie
Cat Genie

Named “Best Cat Product of 2007”

Never touch, smell, breathe or buy cat litter again!

Pet VacHome
Pet Vac Home

Wet and dry vac pet care system

Hassle Free Grooming for ALL Pets


PetiPaws™ gently and painlessly files your Pet’s nails to leave them trim, rounded and smooth

Say goodbye to scratched furniture and floors forever with Petapaws!

Special Internet Offer

Today as part of this special internet offer, you will receive one premium PediPaws™ nail trimmer, complete with precision filing bands, for only $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling.

As a BONUS you’ll also receive the amazing Shed Ender, the professional de-shedding tool for dogs and cats. It removes shedding hair trapped in the undercoat and makes their topcoat shine! You’ll receive this bonus, a $15 value for no additional charge, just pay a separate $7.99 shipping and handling.

This special offer is not available in stores so the only way to get it is to place your
order now!

The secret is PediPaws™’ precision filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of nail to leave your pet’s paws touchably soft and your home safe from scratches.

The unique protective cap allows only the perfect amount of nail to be removed and contains all the filings so there’s no mess! Start treating your pet like one of the family. You and your pet will love PediPaws™!