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Patch Perfect
Patch Perfect The PATCH PERFECT growing secret is its powerful fertilizer mulch cocoon, that surrounds each seed, soaking up and retaining water

Itís like each seed has its own eco system, for faster, healthier germination

Remember, for each supply you orderóweíll send a second supply absolutely free. Thatís enough to cover 100 square feet, at a 50% savings!

Or Upgrade to the Professional Pack!
Patch Perfect Professional Pack

And hereís the best part! For each Professional Pack you order, weíll give you a fifth double offer absolutely FREE! Thatís an additional 25% savings and enough turbo charged seed to cover over 500 square feet. High Traffic, poor climate and pet urine canít slow it down!

If you have a large lot job, you need our Professional Packóthatís 4 double offers for $19.95 plus shipping and handling each, just like you saw on TV.

Patch perfect grows faster, thicker and fuller than any other grass seed on earth, guaranteed! And this is an incredible savings, we must limit you to 3 Professional Packs per order.

Order Patch Perfect Online
Patch Perfect - $19.95

Order Patch Perfect Professional Pack Now
Order the Professional Pack Now
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Patch Perfect Comes with a 30 Day Money back Guarantee!
Call 1-800-311-0979 Ask for operator 272
Call 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Patch Perfect

Order Online
Patch Perfect Just $19.95
Professional Pack Upgrade - $79.80

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