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MP3 Player Sunglasses the Technica
The “Technica” - MP3 Player Sunglasses with FM Radio - MP3 Sunglasses are FUN! FUN! FUN!

Want MP3 Sunglasses that are a little different than the rest? Then check out “The Technica” - cool design combined with high quality MP3 make these the perfect addition to your busy lifestyle!

     1 Gig -
     2 Gigs - $129.95

Check out these features:

  • MP3-Player/ USB-Drive with 512MB memory
  • Integrated memory/ FM Radio
  • Casing Stylish, USB plug
  • Play MP3 and WMA files (Decode: MP3, WMA)
  • Wireless earphone
  • Auto-Power-OFF
  • Repeat Modes: Single and all, A-B
  • 80db Output-Power
  • CE certificate
  • Support OS: Windows98/2000/ME/XP/Vista
    Other Cool Styles!
    MP3 Player Sunglasses the Beachcomber
    MP3 Sunglasses are FUN! FUN! FUN! This 256MB MP3 Player is perfect for any and all outdoor activity!
    $ 99.95
    MP3 Player Sunglasses the Technica With Bluetooth
    MP3 Sunglasses with Bluetooth Technology - Available in 1 & 2 Gigs!
    $ 129.95
    MP3 Player Sunglasses the Indoor/Outdoor
    The Indoor/Outdoor - never miss a beat with these flip up MP3 Sunglasses! Available in 1 & 2 Gigs!
    $ 109.95
    MP3 Player Sunglasses the Sportster
    The "Sportster" is cool for your active lifestyle! Available in 1GB & 2 GB
    $ 119.95
    MP3 Player Sunglasses the Cammo
    The "Cammo" is just right for that military style - perfect all outdoor activity
    $ 119.95