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Micro Grill Buy One Get One FREE!
MicroGrill Buy One Get One FREE!

MicroGrill Buy One Get One Free Just $59.90!

Easy 1 or 2 Pay Options

The MicroGrill converts your microwave oven into a turbo-charged grilling machine, giving you food that tastes just like it came off the grill.

The secret is its patented technology, special heat conducting grilling plates which convert the ovenís microwave energy. The MicroGrill also blocks the microwaves from directly penetrating your food, avoiding the bland taste and rubbery texture you get when you cook foods in the microwave.

Also Available When You Buy Micro Grill Buy 1 Get 1 Free
MicroGrill Upgrade Option 1

PASTA X-PRESS - The Micro Grill Makes preparing meals quick and easy and now you can save even more time by ordering the Pasta X-press.

The Pasta X-press cooks everything from pasta, rice, vegetables and even sauces in just minutes. The Pasta X-press is the perfect companion to the Micro Grill and is available today for only $14.95 + $2.95 s&h.

MicroGrill Upgrade Option 2

CALZONE XPRESS - Just take regular refrigerated dough and place it in the Calzone X-Press.

Fill it with your favorite fillings like cheese, vegetables or meats, and just fold one half over the other. In a split second you have a perfect calzone, ready to cook in your Micro Grill.

The Calzone X-Press is available for the incredibly low price of $9.95 + $2.95 s&h

As Seen on TV MicroGrill

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MicroGrill Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Check Out These Features!
  • Easy Clean up
  • No cords or plugs
  • Cooks meals in under 7 minutes
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Micro Grill
  • Two Baker Spacers
  • Cook book
  • BONUS: Calzone X-Press
  • Watch This Video!

    MicroGrill - Now Just $59.90!

    Order by Phone! 1-800-311-0979
    Ask for operator 272

    Or Order Online

    1 Pay Option - $59.90!
    2 Pay Option - $29.95!