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Magnassager Magnetic Massager

Order the Elite Magnassager Directly from the manufacturer for Just $89.95 - Includes FREE FootPod!

Click Here

The Magnassager - Use the Power of Magnets! - $89.95

The MAGNASSAGER is the finest unit money can buy. Our aim is to provide a tool that not only delivers on each and every promise, but also continues to perform with exceptional service year after year. This is only possible when the component parts are industrial grade, professional quality. DO NOT CONFUSE or COMPARE the MAGNASSAGER with the vast array of cheaply built massage devices that pour onto the market each year.

This is a device for professional use that will enhance treatment methods already in place and in many cases will serve to increase productive therapy time by expanding the effectiveness and efficiency of the user.

Benefits of Magnassager:

  • Effective therapeutic modality
  • Expands treatment options
  • Easy to apply
  • Sanitary, portable
  • Convenient
  • Minimizes forearm and finger fatigue
  • Increases soft tissue manipulation
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Provides continuity of touch and pressure
  • Decreases treatment time
  • Relaxes and invigorates the mind and body
  • Revitalizes and stimulates the muscles
  • Comfortable and soothing to the touch
  • Increases rate of recovery
  • Decreases rehabilitation time
  • $89.95