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Jawhorse by Rockwell
Rockwell Jawhorse Jaw Horse - Starting At: $177.76

The Jawhorse™ is the only workstation you'll ever need!
The strong and versatile Jawhorse replaces your workbenches, your sawhorses, your clamps, your bench vises and so much more. With the Jawhorse you get a second set of hands for all your projects. You'll save time, you'll work safer and you'll save yourself from hassle!

It's a powerful, hands-free clamp and sawhorse.
If you can lift it, you can clamp it. The Jawhorse's powerful clamping jaws allow you to securely clamp virtually anything, so you have hands-free access to safely complete your project. You can even clamp wide items like doors or plywood thanks to the 37-inch clamping width. And with the optional extension, you'll get a full 48-inches of clamping power.

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It's a versatile workbench.
Thanks to its flexible design, the Jawhorse lets you get your projects up and off the ground for a comfortable working height. Simply clamp an ordinary piece of plywood into the Jawhorse and you have a perfect workbench. You can even use it on the jobsite as a sturdy platform for miter saws, tile saws and more.

It's a one-ton vise and machine press.
Weather you're bending metal or straightening it, the Jawhorse's strength and stability allow you to be aggressive with your work. The Jawhorse is made of solid steel and has ten times the clamping power of a regular vise. It also features the industrial pressing power of a one-ton machine press.

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  • Log Jaw
  • Miter Saw Station
  • Plywood Jaw
  • Saddlebag
  • Welding Jaw
  • Work Table

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Jaw Horse - Starting At: $177.76

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Free Batteries for Life

Order your Jawhorse today for just 4 easy payments of $44.44.               Order Now!

Don't start your next project without the Rockwell Jawhorse. Get your Jawhorse today for just 4 easy payments of $44.44. Or, make a single payment of $177.76 and get a FREE 5-year warranty! Remember, the Jawhorse is not available in stores, so order yours online today!

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