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Best selling author and talk show favorite Matthew Lesko knows where average middle-class people can get money  to help with all their needs. Whether its for a new business, new home, to pay your bills, or quit your job!   Everyone can get free money!

Free Money for Entrepeneurs ORDER HERE! $39.95

Matthew Lesko has written Free Money for Entrepreneurs. Lesko gives you all you need to know where the money is and how best to apply for it. He shares with you the secrets and knowledge he has accumulated in the last 20 years of helping people get government money. Each year over 20 million people take advantage of these programs and he wants to make sure that every taxpayer gets their fair share.

The book is over 900 pages and contains the procedures for getting free money and help for your business. It identifies over 12,000 sources at the federal, state and local level for help.

Free Money for a Better Home! ORDER HERE! 39.95

There are 4,000 little-known government money programs that give out grants, direct payments, and other free money for people to buy their dream home or become a real estate investor. Don't borrow when there is FREE MONEY to help you own the house of your dreams!!!! You have the right to take advantage of every program that is available from the thousands of government agencies that will help you realize your dream. There are programs for every income category and every situation. Most of them are for middle class taxpayers just like you. There are even programs where the government considers you disadvantaged if you have $750,000 in the bank.

 Product includes: 700 Page Book "Free Money for A Better Home", Free Report: "How To Buy Foreclosed Properties". NO PO BOXES PLEASE.

Free Money for Everybody ORDER NOW! $39.95

Learn How To Tap Into Over 12,000 Government Programs. Over 30 Million people every year get government grants…. And you can too….No Books, No Paper, No Bureaucrats, Just Fun and Lots of Money and Over $1 Trillion Every Year and Growing.

"You will learn how to apply to 12,000 government money programs that you can use to start a business, go back to school or get a better job. The government gives out over $350 billion a year to people to do what they really want to do in life, like, $100,000 to start a coffee shop, $30,000 to become a nurse, or $6,000 to become a computer network engineer. There's also money for travel, inventors, and people working at home."

Product includes: The Free Money For Everybody course with separate listings of all web sites and phone numbers mentioned in the show. Choose from an Interactive DVD, Interactive CD-Rom, or VHS tape.

Free Money to Quit Your Job!
ORDER HERE! $39.95

Free Money to Quit Your Job 17,000 grants, low interest loans and more to: Fire Your Boss, Eliminate Stress, Grow To Your Full Potential and to live the life you always dreamed of! Billions of dollars are given out every year to ordinary citizens!!! Find out how you can get your share!

Free Money to Pay Your Bills!
ORDER HERE! $37.95


Best selling author and talk show favorite Matthew Lesko knows where average middle-class people can get money to help pay their bills including credit cards and college costs. His latest book, Free Money To Pay Your Bills, lists thousands of little-known programs for almost anyone who needs a little debt relief, and he's looking to spread the word. Best of all, this is money that doesn't have to be repaid. And most of it goes to middle class families earning $40,000, $60,000, even $80,000 per year. Some of the programs have no income requirements at all. There's money available to: Pay the Mortgage or Rent, Pay Utility Bills, Pay Medical Bills, Pay Credit Card Bills, Pay Food Bills, Pay For College, Pay for Prescription Drugs, Pay for Transportation, Pay for Repairs. The government will distribute over $450 billion this year, and average of $4,000 per family in the U.S.

 Product includes: Free Money To Pay Your Bills - 800 Page Book. Bonus Report: How to Get Yourself Out of Debt, How to Stop Bill Collector Harassment