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EyeQ - Read Faster, Increase Memory & Improve Test Scores - With Eye Q You Will Increase Your Reading Speed 2 to 10 Times While Improving Your Ability to Process Information Faster Than Ever Before

Eye Q Speed Reading

Also Check out “Your Baby Can Read”

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EyeQ - Get Amazing Results in Just 7 Minutes!

Use this interactive computer program just 7 minutes a day, and in just 2 weeks you’ll double your reading speed. Eye Q

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Because of EyeQ I have more time to spend with my family & friends”

Jamie Hancock

  Try EyeQ for 30-days for only $14.95
Also Check out “Your Baby Can Read”


  Try EyeQ for 30-days for only $14.95

Use this program to improve:

  • Concentration and focus!
  • Peripheral vision!
  • Self-esteem and confidence!
  • Hand-eye coordination and typing speed!
  • Eye-brain connection!
  • Family productivity (Kids do homework
    faster and parents can spend more time
    with the family)!